Cable Trader

Cable Trader is an fx trading signal service designed to simplify trading and produce results.

As a subscriber to Cable Trader, you’ll get specific instructions each day at 4:00 AM EST, telling you where to place orders to enter and exit.

Not only are the trading signals back-tested over nine years of data, a novice trader can do it and it requires very little time and attention each day.

About the strategy

The trading rules behind this signal service were the core strategy in a multi-million dollar hedge fund. Moreover, the design follows the same theory behind some of the core trading models used by Tony Crabel, one of the great short-term systematic hedge fund traders around.

The Cable Trader service gives you:

  • Access to a Real Hedge Fund Model
  • Daily Trading Signals
  • Entry Points, Protective Stops, and Take Profit Levels
  • The Precise Daily Position Size Specific to Each Subscriber

How to get started

If you simply follow this link to the “Backtester” page, you will get a chance to run your own simulations on the trading model, just by entering one simple input.

Then, you can check out the hypothetical performance results to see how the model would have performed over the past nine years.? Just click here to get started.

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