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I've been trading, researching, consulting and writing about the foreign exchange markets for more than 14 years.

I started trading back in 1997 for a family office macro hedge fund in London. This fund managed money for a prominent ultra-high new worth European family and I was trained a few highly pedigreed ex-bank traders. At that time, we were among the biggest currency traders in the world. And we were among the biggest currency option traders in the world.

From there, I've gone on to design strategies for hedge funds. I've been a partner in a Wall Street currency fund and managed a multi-billion dollar foreign exchange portfolio for one of the leading macro hedge funds in the world.

Along the way, I've also advised major companies on hedging their risk from currency fluctuations. And I've had my commentary and analysis on currencies and macroeconomic issues widely published and read by more than 300,000 astute investors every week.

What I learned very early on in my career was that the global foreign exchange market is made up of a very small community. That community includes: major global bank trading desks and hedge funds.

They represent the inside network in the FX market. And it's the information that they share among themselves throughout the day that gives them an edge. And that edge enables them to extract billions of dollars from the currency markets every year - if not month.

It's such a small community, that to this day, if I don't know someone on the trading desk of a major bank or hedge fund, I'm sure to know a good friend in the industry that does.

And it's this very tight network and the information that's exchanged within it, that is perhaps THE most valuable trading tool for currency traders.

That said the access door to trading currencies has been blown wide-opened over the past decade. Yet, for the hundreds of thousands of new currency traders that sit in front of screens every day diligently working on their craft, few, if any, understand that they are lacking the most valuable trading tool ... and perhaps the most necessary trading tool for achieving a successful career.

That tool is information!

Put simply, the FX markets are driven by information if you don't have access to inside networks to major banks and hedge funds around the world. You're on the outside, trading blind!

There's an important secret that retail FX traders don't know that keeps them from being successful traders. That is what short-term FX trading is all about information. Banks and hedge funds make money because they have an edge. They have inside information. They know who's buying, who's selling, where the orders are, what market levels option players are defending. You don't.

If you take trading serious, if you want to be a profitable trader, you need to get on the inside. You need to see the same deal flow the major institutional traders see. You need to hear the same commentary ... hear the instantaneous interpretation of important news and data that is dictating big capital flows.

That's why I set up a service called Billionaire's Portfolio, to let you in on the same information that I see from my major bank and hedge fund partners around the world - rapid fire and all day long. You get access to my network and you get to get to look over my shoulder.

Remember this, in the FX market, information is king.

Sign up today by clicking here and get connected to the real FX market.

I look forward to sharing my community with you and showing you the most important trading tool you didn't know you were missing.


Bryan Rich

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