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About Bryan Rich
Bryan began his career as a trader for a $600 million family office hedge fund in London. The macro-oriented fund managed assets for a prominent European family. Later, he was a senior trader for a $750 million leading global ...
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A message from Bryan
The FX market is driven by information. If you don't have access to the inside networks at major banks and hedge funds, you're on the outside, trading blind.
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You have your charts. You have your prices. But you're missing the most important tool in FX trading: Information! Give yourself an edge in the FX markets.
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Great to hear specific, undiluted comments and insights of big money.

- A.Y.

Thank you so much for sharing all this stuff today with us, it is brilliant.

- R.M.

Thank you for the opportunity to witness your service ... you [helped me] turned a losing day into a winner.

- S.J.
Real-Time Analysis
[10:55 am] Bryan Rich: rumor of a spanish downgrade circulating
[11:08 am] Bryan Rich: Conservatives say they will try to block the International Monetary Fund from bailing out Italy and Spain, which they say could leave U.S. taxpayers with a huge bill.
[11:08 am] Bryan Rich: eurusd diving on this
[11:09 am] Bryan Rich: audusd still a good sell, lagging
[11:10 am] Bryan Rich: support at 1.3370, the 61.8% fib of the move from Wed morning to today's highs
[11:12 am] Bryan Rich: italian yields spiking on back the days improvement
[12:11 pm] Bryan Rich: Trade idea from Goldman Sachs: they like going short audjpy ahead of this weeks prospective RBA rate cut.
[01:01 pm] Bryan Rich: from bank audusd trader: Aud has hit the overbought territory on the hourlies - sell here and risk 1.0760.
[03:08 pm] Bryan Rich: hedge fund trader: likes selling some audusd here with a tight stop above the days highs...thinks we could see some downward momentum into the RBA decision tonight.

Real-Time, Market Moving Information

[02:03 pm] Bryan Rich: hearing EBS (electronic broking service, better known as the electronic interbank fx market) has a bid for 1 billion USD at 77.90 (i.e. BOJ is there)
[02:04 pm] Bryan Rich: Papandreou: (Greek PM) says new greek plan must be put to a referendum
[02:22 pm] Bryan Rich: take note of this comment from Greek PM Papandreou: the last plan he had defectors from his cabinet and resignations...ultimately he had to reshuffle to get people in place to pass it...this time, he says the new plan will have to go to a referendum
[02:24 pm] Bryan Rich: this could be the beginning of the end for Greece and the euro...

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