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Get on the inside. Look over the shoulders of professional FX trading veterans. You get access to the same deal flow, the same commentary and the instantaneous interpretations of important news and data from their network of major banks and hedge funds ... all day long.

It's all about information: Who's buying ... Who's selling ... Where are the orders ... What levels are options players defending.

Billionaire's Portfolio Mentor program is the only education program designed to match retail FX traders with an experienced, successful hedge fund trader.

Learn from a pro -- someone that has managed a $100 million foreign exchange fund and has made the art of trading into a living, for over a decade.

5-day intensive curriculum.

Three-month access to trade live everyday along side a professional trader.

Learn strategies used by successful FX professionals.

Members | Billionaire's Portfolio - FX Trading Services

Cable Trader is an fx trading signal service designed to simplify trading and produce results. The trading rules behind this signal service were the core strategy in a multi-million dollar hedge fund.

You get daily trading signals on GBP/USD delivered every morning to your inbox at 4am EST.

Specific entry points, stops and take profit levels.

A high performance strategy, back-tested over twelve years of data.

Daily trading signals across GBP/USD, EUR/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/CAD and AUD/USD.

Technical-analysis driven, systematic

Orders for the new day delivered at 5pm EST, five days a week.


Specific entry points, stops and take profit levels.

FX Options Trader

FX Options Trader gives you actionable trade ideas, leveraging the power of options and currencies.

Get expert analysis on trading currency options from a former hedge fund trader that traded multi-billion dollar FX option positions.

Learn how to take advantage of global currency devaluations, currency wars, global QE and economic crisis.

Learn how to trade options, and when to trade them.

Identify the catalysts that will move currencies and create volaltility.

Specific recommendations on Nasdaq exchange traded FX Options.

All in an easy to understand, plain English weekly email.

Billionaire's Portfolio - Stock Picks

Manage your portfolio like a billionaire investor.

The Billionaire's Portfolio is the only online portfolio service that empowers self-directed investors to follow the best ideas from the world's best billionaire investors.

This is plain English, matter of fact, common sense investing. We have simplified stock picking to these four steps:

We find out WHO the smartest and historically best performing hedge funds are...
We find out WHAT they are buying...
We TELL YOU WHAT they are buying...

It's that simple. These funds are buying, at times, as much as 60% of the company's total outstanding stock. They cannot afford to be wrong.

Recommended Trading Technologies

Through our relationship with Thomson Reuters MetaStock Xenith, you now have access to real-time, global market and economic data, news and analytics, powered by Reuters Eikon.

Until now, sophisticated professional trading information platforms, like Bloomberg and Reuters, were out of reach for the average individual traders.

Make smarter, faster, more informed trading decisions. Through Billionaire's Portfolio, get a 30-day free trial and then pay just $99/mo.

Real-time news and data, fundamentals, economic reporting, analytics and much more....
Your single destination for all of the content you need at your fingertips...
Multi-market analysis, correlations, economic data history...
Finally, a sophisticated professional trading tool at an affordable price!

In trading, profit is made on the margin. That's why accessing competitive pricing and execution is paramount. Over time, poor execution can turn a winning strategy into a losing strategy.

Among the many options available to average individual traders, we have found only one broker that provides honest, efficient and competitive brokerage: Interactive Brokers.

FX: Direct access to interbank prices from 13 of the world's largest FX dealing banks...
Ability to trade multiple markets, asset classes from one account...
A publicly traded, well-capitalized broker, with over $5 billion in equity capital...

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